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SREERANGAM - THE FIRST AND FOREMOST AMONG THE 108 DIVYADESAM - A SELF MANIFESTED BHOOLOGA VAIKUNDAM - Among the 108 Holy Shrines of Lord Maha Vishnu being worshipped as Divyadesams, Srirnagam is the first and foremost. As far as Sree Vaishnavas parlance KOIL MEANS SRIRANGAM. Another two imporatnts parlances are PERUMAL AND THIRUMALAI. PERUMAL MEANS KANCHI VARADHARAJAR AND THIRUMALAI MEANS TIRUMALA TIRUPATI Temples which are Self Manifested, means Not Built by Either Rishnis, Munivars, Kings or Humans are worshipped as SWAYAMVYAKTHA KSHETRAS. There are Eight Swayam Vyaktha Kshetras in this world.

The remaining temples are SREEMUSHNAM in Viruthachalam, TIRUMALA TIRUPATI in Andhra, SALAKRAMAM in Nepal, THIRU NAIMISARANYAM in Uttarpradesah, THIRUSEERIVARAMANGAI near Tirunelveli, PUSHKARAM in Rajasthan and BADRINATH near Uttharkand. Everything is BIG Here in Srirangam - Srirangam is also worshipped as Periya Koil, Bhoologa Vaikundam, Bogha Mandamam, Andarkon Arangam. The temple is so enormous in its total covered area which is around 150 acres with 7 Prkaras and 21 Towers. Srirangam is the Only temple in India with 7  enclosures, a Sacred Symbolic Number which for present day Vaishnava believers represents either the Seven Centers of Yoga, or a reference to the Seven Elements making up the Human Body, in the center of which dwells The Soul - The ALMIGHTY. Here in Srirangam temple Everything is BIG. Moolavar Ranganathar is PERIYA PERUMAL Thayar is PERIYA PIRATTI. Periya Thiruvadi Garudalwar’s statue is about 20 FEET. Naivedhyams are PERIYA THIRUPPANIYARANGAL. The only temple worshipped by all the 11 Alwars with their 247 Hymns. Among the 12 Alwars Mathurakavi Alwar never sung any hymns either on any of the Temples, Perumals and Thayars, where as all his Hymns are only on his GURU NAMMALWARTemples's Main entrance tower known as RAYAR GOPURAM is the tallest temple tower in Asia, with a heigt about 236 feet with 13 Tiers and 13 Kalasas. It was started by Great King Krishna Deva Rayar , a Vishnu Devotee and completed by the 44 th Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt.

The Only Divyadesam Sung by All 11 Azhwars with their 247 Pasurams - There are 21 magnificent towers in all the 7 prakaras, which represents the 7 Lokhas and they are named starting from the Karpagraham  ( Moolasthanam – the Place where the Main Deity Blesses ) as Sathya Loham, Thabo Loham, Jano Loham, Mahara Loham, Suvar Loham, Bhuvar Loham and Booloham. Among 108 Divyadesams, Srirangam has its own Uniqueness and worshipped as The first and foremost hence it is the One and Only Temple on which all the 11 Azhwars were made Mangalaasaasanam - Pasurams with their Hymns. The Second one is TIRUMALA TIRUPATI, hymned by 9 Azhwars with their202 Pasurams

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Kumbakonam Sarangapani Temple sung by 7 Azhwars with 51 Pasurams. The name of the city itself was derived from the ALMIGTY only. Ranganathar is called in Tamil as Thiru Seerangan and the city HE resides was called as Thiru Seerangan Palli. ( Palli means Resides ) Later it was called as Thiru Seera Palli and now it is called as Tiruchirapalli. . An Enormous Temple having 53 Upa Sannidhis - Apart from the presiding deity Lord Ranganathar, the temple complex comprises of about 53 Upa Sannathis which includes Thayar Sannathi, Chakkarathazwar Sannathi, Sri Udayavar Ramanujar Sannathi, Garudalwar Sannathi, Thanvanthiri Sannathi, Hyagreevar Sannathi. Srirangam is also one of the Pancha Ranga Kshetram.The other four are Srirangapatnam, Thiruppernagar, Thiru Indhalur and Thirukkudanthai. The Araiyar Sevai ( Reciting Nalayira Divyaprabandham with its own unoque Raga and Instruments is called as Araiyar Sevai ) is very famous and an important custom here. GARBAGRAHA GOLDEN VIMANAM and the PARAVASUDEVAR VIGRAHAM should not be missed out to worship.

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ATTACHMENTS OF ALWARS AND SRIRANGAM - Srirangam is very much attached to the Azhwars. This is the place of Thiruppan Azhwar who entered the temple first time in his life and attained Moksham. There is a celebration on the Month of Panguni during which Thayar will have a dispute with Arangan as he married Kamalavalli without her permission. This celebration is being celebrated as PRANAVA KALAHAM where NAMMALWAR comes and pacify both. THIRUMANGAI AZHAR raised huge Prakarams and Compound. THONDARADIPODI AZHWAR was maintaining AN EXCLUSIVE GARDEN FOR ARANGANATHAR. MADURAKAVI AZHWAR brought his Guru NAMMALWAR to SRIRANGAM.

KAMBA RAMAYANAM AND METTU AZHAGIYA SINGAR - When Kambar was tried to recite his Kamba Ramayanam here in Srirangam, it was objected the acharyars as in Kamba Ramayanam there is  Hiranya Samharam. Kambar was adument and asked to leave the decision to Arangan. With no other go, Everyone agreed his condition. At that time there was a huge voice ( Asareeri in Tamil ) from the AZHAGIYA METTU SINGAR SANNIDHI ( Which is in the 5 TH PRAHARAM) that HE accepted Kambar’s Ramayanam. Then only Kambar’s  Ramayanam was accepeted. The place wehre Kambra recited his Ramayanam is worshipped as KAMBAR MANDAPAM. Srirangam is the birth place of  BADAKKU THIRUVEEDHI PILLAI, PERIYA NAMBI, LOKACHARYAR and many acharyars ...

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