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URAIYUR NACHIYAR KOIL alis THIRUKOZHI DIVYADESAM  - Once upon a time a number of Rishis were discussing as to who among the trinity is the greatest?. There were no conclusions among the well knowledgeable and respected rishis, and so they were confused. At that time Sage Birugu happened to pass by and the rishis decided to entrust the issue to him for finding a good solution. Brighu Mahirishi accepted and went to Mount Kailash to start with. There the Dwara Palakas refused entry to him as Lord Siva and Parvati were alone and should not to be disturbed, which upset Birghu, He then decided that since Lord Siva was not easily approachableat any time, HE cannot be the greatest.

Birugu then left to Sathya Logha to worship Lord Brahma Devar, who was busy that time in HIS creation and not even noticed sage's arrival. So Birugu Muni proceeded to Vaikundham to see Lord Paranthaman. SAGE BRIGHU'S CURSE- When he reached Vaikundham, Lord Vishnu received him will great respect and made kind enquiries. At this time Brighu desired a separate audience with only the Perumal being present. All present left except Sri Lakshmi, who has her place permanently on Lord's chest. She, however requested the rishi to leave as the other members of waiting. This angered Brighu and he cursed her that Lakshmi would be born in the material world as a human being. However, Brighu came to the conclusion that only Lord Maha Vishnu among the trinity is Supreme as HE showed abosolute kindness and concern to the rishi when he went there. Lakshmi Devi felt very sad about the curse. Lord Maha Vishnu pacified her and asked to born as a Daughter of the Chola King Nandhan and also promised her that he would follow and marry her in an AUSPECIOUS PLACE very soon

BIRTH OF LAKSHMI DEVI AS KAMALAVALLI NACHIYAR IN URAIYUR  - That Time In Uraiyur, The Chozha King Nandan had been childless. Pleased with his dedicated prayers, Lord Ranganathar asked Goddess Lakshmi Devi to born as the King’s daughter. Being born out of the Lotus, the Goddess here is called as KAMALAVALLI NACHIYAR. As years went by, Kamalavalli grew into a beautiful young girl. One day while she was out with her friends, her eyes fell on a handsome young man and instantly she fell in love with him. The man was none other than Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam. The King was in a fix as his daughter had fallen in love with the one who blessed the king with the child.

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Once again, the Lord acknowleged King’s prayers and accepted her as HIS bride. Delighted at this, Nanda Chozhan built a temple at Uraiyur to celebrate the arrival of Lord Ranganatha to Uraiyur to catch the hands of his daughter. Every Year in the Month of Panguni, a significant event takes place here in URAIYUR NACHIYAR KOIL. AZHAGIYA MANAVALAN KALYANA UTSAVAM - Every year, during the Tamil Month Panguni, Lord Ranganatha, in all HIS splendour,leaves the Srirangam Temple at 04:00 AM to take the 6 km journey across River Cauvery in a Golden Palanquin to meet HIS beloved Kamalavalli Naachiyar for their Kalyana Utsavam ( Marriage Celebrations ). On this auspicious day in the month of Panguni, the entire marriage formalities between LORD RANGANATHAR and KAMALAVALLI NACHIYAR is enacted in Uraiyur Nachiyarkoil. Lord Ranganatha takes the trip back to HIS Srirangam Temple across the River Cauvery on same night. In Uraiyur Nachiyarkoil, Devotees can see Kamalavalli Nachiyar in a Grand Sitting Posture all set to get married. Being the handsome man in HIS wedding attire, Lord Ranganatha here is being worshipped Azhahiya Manavaalan. A speciality of this temple is that this is the Only Divya Desamamong the 108 Divyadesams where the Goddess is facing the Northern Direction, direction of HER LORD RANGANATHAR OF SRIRANGAM.

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In centuries gone by, Devotees used to first visit Uraiyur Divya Desam, walk across the River Cauvery to worship Srirangam Ranganathar and then across the Coloroon to Thirukkarambanur and Tiruvellarai so that to Four Divyadesams at a stretch. Uraiyur is also the birth place of THIRUPPAN AZHWAR, one of the 12 Alwars, who attained his Moksham in Srirangam. There is a separate sannadhi for Tiruppaanazhvaar here. Thiruppan Alwar festival is held in the Month of Karthigai. There’s a story that an Elephant of a Chozha King which entered this place once was beaten by a Valiant Hen and to retreat. Hence the place is known as Thiru Kozhiyoor. In Tamil KOZHI MEANS HEN

Azhahiya Manavalan, Namperumal
Komalavalli, Vasalakshmi, Uraiyurvalli
Blessing Pose
Standing Pose Facing North Abaya Hastham
Kalyana Vimanam
Kalyana Pushkarini, Surya Theertham
Sthala Tree
Punnai Maram
Praised By
Kulasekara Alwar with 10 Psurams and Thirumangai Alwar with 10 Pasurams

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